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First Wednesdays – Mob Violence towards the North Carolina Standard

On the evening of September 9, 1863 the printing office of the North Carolina Standard was sacked by a group of Georgia soldiers coming through Raleigh on their way to Tennessee.  The following morning, supporters of the editor, William Woods … Continue reading

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Salisbury Bread Riot

On March 18, 1863 a group of about 50 women, wives and mothers of Confederate soldiers, participated in what would become known as the Salisbury Bread Riot.  These women blamed speculators for driving up the prices of necessary items during … Continue reading

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Obituaries – Lawrence O’Bryan Branch

Lawrence O’Bryan Branch served as Brigadier General under A. P. Hill’s division at the battle of Antietam where he was one of six generals to die.  He was the President of the Raleigh & Gaston Railroad Co., served in the … Continue reading

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Obituaries – George Burgwin Johnston

Recently Tiffanie added George Burgwin Johnston’s Diary to our Civil War Digital Collection.  Johnston served as Captain of Company G, 28th Regiment, NC Infantry and was captured as a prisoner of war in 1862.  Along with his diary, the Johnston … Continue reading

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Archives Week: Obituary for Governor John W. Ellis

John W. Ellis served as Governor of North Carolina from 1859 to 1861.  Originally noted for his work on internal improvements such as improving roads and the state educational system, his second term was marked by the ongoing secession crisis. … Continue reading

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First Wednesday – Chicamacomico Races

After the capture of Hatteras Inlet by Federal forces in late August 1861, and the subsequent abandonment of some isolated coastal outposts, North Carolina began fortifying Roanoke Island to protect the inter-coastal waterways.  The 8th North Carolina Regiment and the 3rd Georgia … Continue reading

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Obituaries – Henry Lawson Wyatt

As we remember the many men who fought and died in the Civil War it is interesting to look back at how their loss affected those around them.  There were many important North Carolinians who passed away on and off … Continue reading

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First Wednesdays – Salisbury Prison

Henry Toole Clark succeeded as governor after the death of Governor John Ellis and continued the process of readying the state for war.  Clark answered a letter from the national Confederate government seeking to obtain a prison depot in North … Continue reading

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First Wednesday: Faison Letter

The threat of secession caused hardships for many.  Men in training for military careers were suddenly faced with very difficult decisions.  If they followed their seceding state, they jeopardized their careers as United States military officers. In the spring of … Continue reading

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First Wednesdays: Hardship

In early 1861 the brewing political turmoil over secession created hardships within the private lives of North Carolina citizens. Although North Carolina remained part of the union, the altering of public opinion from unionists to secessionists created new economic and … Continue reading

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