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First Wednesdays – “…keep my luck for I have lost everything…

The hurrahs over the initial defense of Fort Fisher soon came to an end with the arrival of a new Union task force to take the fort and close off the Cape Fear River to the Confederacy. This new expedition … Continue reading

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First Wednesdays – “all quiet now but Guard insufficient…”

By November 1864, the Confederacy was slowly collapsing upon itself. The loss of manpower and territory was dooming the young nation ever quickly, and responding to threats was becoming harder to do. The growing fears of a possible Union attack … Continue reading

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William H. S. Burgwyn Diary (September 29, 1864 – March 11, 1865)

At the beginning of December I finished transcribing and fleshing out the metadata for the last of William Burgwyn’s Civil War diaries. At the time I wanted to share some of the Christmas memories that William wrote about in his … Continue reading

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Christmas from the pen of William H.S. Burgwyn

Christmas is a time of reflection for many people; I know that I see so many things going on in the world today that make me thankful for what I have. During the Civil War there was not much to … Continue reading

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