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First Wednesdays – “Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude … shall exist…”

As described in an earlier blog post, Provisional Governor William W. Holden had convened a convention composed of “properly pardoned” delegates to fulfill a number of obligations necessary to complete President Andrew Johnson’s requirements for reentry into the United States. … Continue reading

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First Wednesdays – Challenges for a Provisional Government 1865

In post-war 1865, Provisional Governor William Woods Holden went about the business of mending a state rent in every facet by the recent struggle.  Infrastructure such as the railroad system not only had to be repaired but also the governing … Continue reading

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Restoration of North Carolina to the Union – Provisional Governorship

By June 1865 the reality of a failed attempt at disunion began to settle in the minds of the people of the states that had passed Secession Ordinances.  The capitol city of North Carolina had been occupied by Union forces … Continue reading

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First Wednesdays – “…doing anything whatsoever calculated to cause excitement…”

Toward the end of April 1865, North Carolina Governor Zebulon Vance was becoming increasing irrelevant in the rapidly unfolding events in North Carolina. He was unable to participate in the surrender negotiations between Confederate General Joseph E. Johnston and Union … Continue reading

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Upcoming Second Mondays Lecture Series – May 11, 2015 at 12 Noon

Second Mondays Lecture Series  May 11, 2015 at 12 Noon (Archives & History Building Auditorium, Raleigh, NC): Sherman’s March and the Occupation of Raleigh (William H. Brown, Registrar, State Archives of North Carolina) In March 1865, the American Civil War … Continue reading

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“…returned to their usual place of deposit…”

In the world of politics, an ability to deal with crisis whether generated by yourself or others can truly define the value of an individual seeking to serve his or her constituents or using political office as a way to … Continue reading

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First Wednesdays – “They never come to hand…”

As the state of North Carolina was becoming increasingly besieged by enemy forces entering the state from all sides, the civil authority within the interior of the state was collapsing as well. This was not an overnight phenomenon. The cracks … Continue reading

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“The case is before you now for such aid as you render.”

By September 1864, events continued to spiral downward for the Confederate States of America. Since the summer of 1864, federal armies had roamed at will in and out of its borders. Major General William Tecumseh Sherman and his combined Union … Continue reading

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“…you promise forgiveness to all who will repent…”

By late August and early September 1864, the Confederate field armies were slowly losing their ability to counter the Union offensives in both eastern and western theaters. The push to quickly end the war in 1862/1863 bled the Confederacy down … Continue reading

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First Wednesdays – “I think it is not honorable war fare.”

During the fifty-second month of the American Civil War, both sides of the conflict were becoming exhausted through the constant combat experienced during summer of 1864. In the past years of the war, engagements were fought, and both armies were … Continue reading

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