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First Wednesdays – “Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude … shall exist…”

As described in an earlier blog post, Provisional Governor William W. Holden had convened a convention composed of “properly pardoned” delegates to fulfill a number of obligations necessary to complete President Andrew Johnson’s requirements for reentry into the United States. … Continue reading

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New Item Added to Online Archival Treasures

Tiffanie and I just added a new item to the Treasures of the State Archives online exhibit which might interest our NC Civil War 150 blog readers: Resolutions of the General Assembly submitted to the Senate and/or referred to Senate … Continue reading

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First Wednesdays: addendum – Insurrection!

One constant fear in the slave society of the antebellum south was that of a slave insurrection.  From 1800 to 1802, Gabriel’s Rebellion, also known as the Easter Rebellion, caused apprehension throughout the Albemarle Sound region.  The coastal area of … Continue reading

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First Wednesdays First Document

In the aftermath of the November 1860 presidential election, the citizens of North Carolina had to decide how to respond to the election of Abraham Lincoln, a candidate who was not even on the ballot in North Carolina.  North Carolinians … Continue reading

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