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Foraging – a good plan?

In the aftermath of the Army of Northern Virginia’s expedition into Maryland in September 1862, General Robert E. Lee needed supplies to feed and maintain his army.  Lee called upon the government in Richmond to get the supplies.  Looking south … Continue reading

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First Wednesdays – Cloth for supplying the want of our brave soldiers

[This blog post was written by Debbi Blake, Public Services Branch Head for the North Carolina State Archives.] By the fall of 1862, the Confederate Army of Northern Virginia was ill-equipped and underfed.  During the Antietam campaign, conditions were so … Continue reading

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The End of Lawrence O’Bryan Branch

William A. Blount was the father of Lawrence O’Bryan Branch’s  widow, Nancy Haywood Blount. In this Telegraph to Brigadier General Lawrence O’Bryan Branch’s sister, Mrs. R. Williams states that his son had gone to bring the Brigadier General’s remains back … Continue reading

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William H. S. Burgwyn’s view of The Battle of Antietam

William H. S. Burgwyn writes to his Brother “Harry” Henry King Burgwyn Jr. about the Battle of Antietam. “Thirty Fifth Regiment N.C.T Camp near Martinsville Va. September 23, 1862 Dear Harry I suppose ere this you have heard of the … Continue reading

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“…please tell me what I must do.”

Battlefield dispatches are rare gems within manuscript collections. Many are drafted on scraps of paper and hurriedly composed in the midst of a raging battle. They are shoved in the hands of mounted couriers and officers to be delivered to … Continue reading

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The Day Before…

Over the next couple of weeks, we will be highlighting documents from our collection that deal with the Battle of Antietam, Maryland, the bloodiest one day battle in American History, and the death of Brigadier General Lawrence O’Bryan Branch. The … Continue reading

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