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First Wednesdays – Challenges for a Provisional Government 1865

In post-war 1865, Provisional Governor William Woods Holden went about the business of mending a state rent in every facet by the recent struggle.  Infrastructure such as the railroad system not only had to be repaired but also the governing … Continue reading

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Restoration of North Carolina to the Union – Provisional Governorship

By June 1865 the reality of a failed attempt at disunion began to settle in the minds of the people of the states that had passed Secession Ordinances.  The capitol city of North Carolina had been occupied by Union forces … Continue reading

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Lt. Walsh: “Raleigh’s Lone Defender”

These two accounts [see links below] of the first moments of the Federal army entering the capitol city of Raleigh give slightly divergent details about the time-line of events.  They both, however, agree upon the final action centered on the … Continue reading

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The Battle of Averasboro and its aftermath as seen through civilian eyes.

March 16th, 1865 near the county line between Harnett and Cumberland County, North Carolina, Lt. Gen. William Hardee’s corps of the Confederate army fought a delaying action against the left wing of General William Sherman’s army. Sherman’s army was marching … Continue reading

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A Man of His Word.

In our last blog past we highlighted Governor Vance’s call to arms – his resounding cry for his fellow Tar Heels to meet him at the coast to repel the Yankees attacking Ft. Fisher! For all his bloviating about shouldering … Continue reading

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July 1864 home front concerns and election

The Confederate victory at Plymouth, N.C. in April 1864 opened the entire Washington, Tyrrell and Hyde County peninsula area of eastern North Carolina to Confederate control.  Under nominal United States control – especially where US troops were garrisoned – since … Continue reading

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First Wednesdays – Celebrating Freedom 1864

It had been almost fifteen months since President Lincoln made the preliminary announcement of an idea of ending slavery in the states in rebellion; it had been a year since that proclamation – the Emancipation Proclamation – was enforced.  The … Continue reading

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A Soldier’s Christmas 1863

Christmas in the Civil War was a time for reflection and a longing for home.  These are universal feelings and desires from men and women caught in the currents of their day.  In past years we have, in this blog, … Continue reading

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First Wednesdays – Secede from the Secession

Northeastern North Carolina, the area east of the Chowan River and north of the Albemarle Sound, fell to Union occupation during the Burnside Expedition in February 1862.  The subsequent 22 months devolved into raids by Confederate forces, cavalry expeditions by … Continue reading

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Freedom Symposium: Lay My Burden Down October 17th and 18th, 2013

The Civil War Sesquicentennial Committee of the Department of Cultural Resources and co-hosts Wake Forest University, Winston Salem State University and Old Salem Museum and Gardens, with support from the National Endowment for the Humanities and the Wake Forest Humanities … Continue reading

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