Obituaries – George Burgwin Johnston

Recently Tiffanie added George Burgwin Johnston’s Diary to our Civil War Digital Collection.  Johnston served as Captain of Company G, 28th Regiment, NC Infantry and was captured as a prisoner of war in 1862.  Along with his diary, the Johnston Collection includes a sermon from his funeral service written by Dr. F. M. Hubbard.  The Raleigh newspaper, The Daily Conservative, contains an obituary for Johnston that also appears to have been written by Hubbard.  While his diary focuses on his military life, the sermon and obituary strive to show his many academic and professional accomplishments.  These two pieces speak to the grief that people were feeling at the loss of a young generation.  

Sermon: the death of George Burgwin Johnston, April 10, 1864

Obituary: George Burgwin Johnston from the Daily Conservative, 29 Apr. 1864

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  2. Daniel Johnson says:

    The death of Captain G. B. Johnston from consumption he caught as a prisoner was a loss at the time and a loss to the people of the State. His letters to General Lane are on line at the Auburn University library website.

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