Obituaries – Henry Lawson Wyatt

As we remember the many men who fought and died in the Civil War it is interesting to look back at how their loss affected those around them.  There were many important North Carolinians who passed away on and off the battlefield from 1860 to 1865 and it is my goal to share their memory with you through a series of obituaries.

Henry Lawson Wyatt served with the First Regiment of North Carolina Infantry (six months) Company A (The Edgecombe Guards) at the Battle at Bethel Church.  He, along with four other men, volunteered for a special mission to burn down an enemy shelter.  Shortly after crossing into the open a bullet struck him in the forehead and he became the first Confederate to fall in battle.  While there are current debates concerning who was actually first to die for the Confederate cause, he is remembered as part of North Carolina’s Civil War boasts: “First at Bethel.”  These obituaries show how this important first death was immediately honored after the battle.

Visit to learn more about the debate surrounding Wyatt’s death.

Obituaries for Henry Lawson Wyatt from The Weekly Raleigh Register, 19 June 1861 and 26 June 1861

Obituary for Henry Lawson Wyatt from the Fayetteville Observer, 17 June 1861

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