New letters added to our Civil War Digital Collection

In August the Military Collection Archivist, Kenrick N. Simpson wrote about a new collection, the Society for the Historical Preservation of the 26th North Carolina Regiment* Collection. This small collection consists of Civil War letters primarily written by soldiers of Company E. of the Twenty-sixth North Carolina State Troops to Richard E. Paschal, sheriff of Chatham County. We have added five of these letters to our Civil War 150 Digital Collection; these five letters contain commentary about which the Twenty-sixth NCST was involved.

Steven W. Brewer to Richard B. Paschal, June 28, 1862

Willis L. Jones to Richard B. Paschal, August 14, 1863

William J. Lambert to Richard B. Paschal, October 20, 1863

W. W. Edwards to Richard B. Paschal, July 15, 1864

James M. Brooks to Richard B. Paschal, August 7, 1864

There have been a few William H. S. Burgwyn letters also added to the collection, these letters were written in October and November of 1862.

William H. S. Burgwyn to Anna Greenough Burgwyn, October 21, 1862

William H. S. Burgwyn to Henry King Burgwyn, Sr., November 4, 1862

William H. S. Burgwyn to Anna Greenough Burgwyn, November 17, 1862

The last of the Lawrence O’Bryan Branch letters have also been added to the collection. These letters were written in the spring of 1862.

Dispatch: General Ewell to General Branch, May 18, 1862

Dispatch: General Ewell to General Branch, May 19, 1862

Special order, April 30, 1862

Civil War resources are being digitized by the State Archives of North Carolina and the Government & Heritage Library at the State Library of North Carolina and are made available through the North Carolina Digital Collections for historians, researchers, students, genealogists and other interested parties.

[*Collection name has been edited since the publishing of this blog post.]

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