William H. Burgwyn Letter: May 19, 1862

We are adding more Burgwyn papers to our digital collection. We will be uploading the Burgwyn letters according to the dates they were written. Our first letter to be added is from May 19, 1862.

In this letter William expresses his feelings on slavery and what he sees the future will hold for the institution. From the earliest ages Slavery has existed and its most flourishing times were when it was first known and since it has gradually but surely declined the practice of selling captives into slavery has but the barbarous practice of an unenlightened and uncivilized people and all institutions of slavery have gradually declined…After our independence the Capitol of S.C. will be filled with natives of Foreign Governments hostile to the institution of Slavery which will soon become the feeling of the city and the abolition of slavery in that city must necessarily be the consequence…”  To read the entire letter follow the link below.


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