Online Civil War Resources Lecture Update

If you remember back to when the Archives Civil War 150 committee first posted the dates and topics for the May, August, and November Civil War lectures then you’ll probably know that my talk on Online Civil War Resources from the North Carolina State Archives is on August 8th. Unfortunately, since the time of the original announcement our computer lab has been closed due to budget cuts, which puts a bit of a crimp in my plans for a hands-on class on our online resources.

So, the new plan is to hold this talk in the classroom of the State Records Center, which is next door to the North Carolina State Archives. [Addition, 7/18/2011 – actually we’re going to move this back the Archives building for a couple of different reasons. I’ll post an update on the blog soon.] Space will still be limited due to the size of the room and since the Records Center isn’t open to the public except by appointment you will need to sign in and have a picture ID to show the person at the front desk. What we really need now is a feel for how many people are interested in attending so that we know whether we need a bigger space than the Records Center classroom. So, if you are planning to attend on August 8th, would you please call (919)807-7310 and let us know?

Since we won’t be able to have a hands-on class I’ve expanded what I hope to cover to include not only MARS (our online catalog) and the North Carolina Digital Collections, but also our finding aids, website and this blog (time permitting).

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