First Wednesdays – Anson County Petition for Convention

Anson County citizens also shared the people of New Bern’s fervor for political events of the day.  The ongoing secession crisis convinced these Anson County people that it was time to act.  They petitioned Governor John W. Ellis to assemble an “extraordinary session” of the General Assembly in order to call a “Convention of the People,” ostensibly to take measures to ensure the welfare of North Carolina.  They pursued this course of action without regard to political allegiance or “party predilections.”  After receiving similar petitions from across the state, Governor Ellis convened the General Assembly to decide on whether North Carolina should have a Secession Convention.  Although North Carolinians voted down the first call for convention in February 1861, they voted in favor of a second call in May 1861.

Anson County Petition for Convention, Jan. 1861

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