Civil War Letters Update

In December I mentioned that we would be adding Civil War letters to the North Carolina Digital Collections (NCDC) site, but I didn’t give any details other than to say that the majority of the transcripts had been done by a group of linguistics students studying 19th century conversational English.

Now that we’ve had some time to work on this project, I can give you a list of what collections are currently included in the NCDC Civil War materials and what we are in the process of adding. Keep in mind that we’re not scanning every letter in these (mostly manuscript) collections, simply every Civil War-related letter for which we already have a transcript; and trust me, that alone is quite enough to keep us busy for a while.

Completed (meaning that we have added all Civil War-related letters with transcripts from these collections):

Currently adding letters from:

We have many more collections to add than just the ones mentioned here, so watch this blog for updates on the Civil War letters project.

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