Treasures and Presidential Signatures

Over the last few weeks, I’ve posted links to a group of sneak peeks for a project we were working on (if you haven’t seen any of them, here are part 1, part 2, part 3,  and part 4). I can now announce that Treasures, the project that includes most of our recent sneak peek materials, is now online.

Treasures is an online exhibit of some of the most priceless items from the collections at the North Carolina State Archives, with supplemental materials from the State Library of North Carolina to be added later. These archival documents are not available for public viewing except at specifically designated times due to their importance to the state’s history and, in some cases, their fragile condition. Also included in this online collection are some examples of presidential signatures that the State Archives has collected over time.

The Treasures began years ago as a temporary exhibit in the State Archives Search Room and, by moving this exhibit online, we hope to increase access to these materials. We hope to expand the Treasures exhibit as time allows.

A few highlights that you may want to take a closer look at:

See the version of this announcement on our blog, History For All the People, for a different set of highlighted documents.

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