They Are Off

“They Are Off”


“Both the Editors of the Register have cut out to Salisbury to attend the Great Union Mass Meeting, which met on Thursday. They took care, however, before cutting out themselves, to cut out something for the Register, which will be more acceptable to its readers than anything that either of them could contribute. To-day’s Register contains the speech of the Hon. Jere. Clemens delivered at Huntsville, Ala., on the 8th of September. They beg their friends to read the speech. They cannot turn a little time to better account than in doing so.”


In October 1860, just as in October 2010, the season is filled with the sounds of political activities leading up to the national election in November. Nowadays, we have to deal with telephone robocalls from politicians and political ads on our favorite radio and television stations. In October 1860, North Carolina newspapers were filled with reports and speeches dealing with the upcoming national election between the Democrats, Republicans, and the new Constitutional Union Party, which supported John Bell as its presidential candidate. The above article came from the Raleigh (N.C.) Raleigh Register on October 13, 1860 during the editors’ visit to a political rally in Salisbury, N.C. Much of that issue was taken up by a speech given by former U.S. Senator Jeremiah Clemens, who supported the Constitutional Union Party.

Further information on the Constitutional Union Party can be found here: 

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October 13th issue of the Raleigh (N.C.) Raleigh Register can be found in the microfilm holdings of the North Carolina State Archives.

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